Big Party for Pickles – a VERY Special Bird

August 13, 2015
Pickles' "Bird"thday Party at B&B Pet Stop in Mobile, Alabama
The “bird”thday girl opening a present at her party last year.

Many of you know Pickles, the Sulphur-crested cockatoo we’ve taken on as our official “store bird”.  Pickles has a nutty, playful personality and is a favorite of our entire Krewe.

Each year in August, we celebrate Miss P’s birthday by throwing a big party and inviting all her friends.  (That would include everyone who shops at B&B Pet Stop for their birds and bird supplies!)


This year, we planned the “bird”thday party for August 16th, but for a variety of reasons (the crazy ferret races were last week, the two reps who were coming to help with the party somehow got confused and booked their flights thinking the party was on Sunday the 23rd, and the free stuff we give away at the party was coming the week of the 23rd) we decided to CHANGE the date and will now host the party on Sunday, August 23rd from 2-4 pm.


So this post is to invite you and anyone you know who has a pet bird – or who is THINKING of getting a pet bird – to come to Pickles’ “Bird”thday Party on Sunday, August 23rd from 2-4 pm.  We will have special guests from Kaytee and Superpet on hand to talk about bird nutrition, treats, the latest in cages and perches, mental enrichment, and more!

Pickles on her cage at Pickles' "Bird"thday Party at B&B Pet Stop in Mobile, Alabama
Last year Miss P greeted many of her guests from on top of her cage.


The best part about the “Bird”thday Party is seeing all the birds!  Our guests over the years have included everything from tiny parakeets and cockatiels to super-huge macaws.  The store will be chock-full of wonderful, colorful birds.  Bring YOUR bird to the party and you’ll get some free stuff from our friends at Kaytee and Superpet.

Also – it’s a great time to get a free wing + nail trim.

African Grey birds at Pickles' "Bird"thday Party at B&B Pet Stop in Mobile, Alabama
African Greys are a very popular bird because they are so smart and REALLY good talkers
Cockatoos at Pickles' "Bird"thday Party at B&B Pet Stop in Mobile, Alabama
Will the real Miss P please stand up! Last year there were lots of cockatoos on hand to help celebrate.
parakeet at Pickles' "Bird"thday Party at B&B Pet Stop in Mobile, Alabama
Not every guest was a big bird! We had lots of parakeets – which make great starter birds for kids.


At Pickles’ 7th “Bird”thday Party we’ll have TWO birthday cakes – one for people and one for BIRDS!  We’ll cut + serve the cake around 2:45 pm.

I really hope you’ll come to the “Bird”thday Party as we celebrate Pickles and all things BIRD!

August 23rd from 2-4 pm

Thank you for keeping it local and shopping at B&B Pet Stop.

Sally Adams Trufant,

General Manager

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