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Bill, Sally, and Mary Trufant WELCOME you to B&B Pet Stop, our family-owned pet store in Mobile, Alabama.  Come see our HUGE selection of freshwater fish, goldfish, cichlids, saltwater fish, corals, birds, reptiles, small animals and ALL THE SUPPLIES.  Follow us on FACEBOOK so you don’t miss our crazy in-store special events.
Where are the dogs + cats?  We encourage people to adopt a homeless pet  – then come in to shop our vast selection of dog + cat supplies, along with premium pet foods.

There’s always something going on at B&B Pet Stop!

  • 14,400 sq ft of absolutely EVERYTHING you could possibly want for your pet!
  • Special events for you and your pets      #youcantgetTHATonline
  • 42 years in Mobile (and counting!)
  • 36+ Krewe-members
  • 1,500 children tour our store each year on free field trips
  • 2600+ gallons of saltwater aquariums
  • 6000+ gallons of freshwater aquariums + ponds
  • 800+ reptiles sold each year
  • 12,000+ small animals and birds sold each year
  • Over $340,000 donated to LOCAL charities through our Round-Up For Charity program since March 2007

A Brief History of B&B Pet Stop

October 1981 – B&B Pet Stop incorporated (The original store was 600 sq. ft on Highway 43 in Saraland, Alabama)

March 1982 – relocated to 2400 sq. ft at 2501 Government Boulevard in Mobile, Alabama. Longtime customers also remember our locations on Azalea Road, Pleasant Valley, and Hillcrest.

September 1986 – opened our first big store (5100 sq ft) at 5015 Cottage Hill Road

July 1991 –  moved the store and the corporate offices into one giant location (14,400 sq ft) at 5035 Cottage Hill Road.  One of the first pet superstores in the NATION.

2014 – major renovation of both the interior and exterior of B&B Pet Stop

Why Daylilies?

If you look at the single aquarium in the first photo above and then see how that “hobby” quickly  turned into what amounts to an obsession, you’ll understand how Bill’s daylily hobby turned into, well, another obsession.

Growing up in New Orleans,  Bill received as a gift from his grandmother a clump of hardy flowers.  The blooms were reddish orange with black highlights and lasted just one day.  He thought they were cool.  Turns out they were daylilies and this was the start of a lifelong fascination with these plants.

Years after he planted that first clump,  Bill had moved to Mobile and while exploring his neighborhood, discovered at the end of his street an unbelievable garden of literally thousands of daylilies.  As luck would have it, he lived right down the road from Herbert Casey, a master daylily hybridizer. Bill became good friends with Herbert and his wife, Louise,  and spent a lot of time down there, learning about daylilies.

When he moved to a house in West Mobile with 10 acres, he not only moved the lilies he had collected, but visited the Caseys and acquired more; planting them all around his house and yard.   Next thing he knew they were in rows, he’d collected almost 700 varieties, developed a website, and Bill was in the daylily business.  Click on Daylilies for Sale and prepare to fall in love.