Holiday Traveling with Your Dog

September 25, 2015

It’s FALL!  Time for pumpkins!  Which means it’s time to start planning your HOLIDAY TRAVEL; especially if you plan to take your dog.

As we know, holiday flights sell out quickly, and the space for your precious cargo is even MORE limited – so reserve your pet’s seat as soon as you book your own ticket.  Each airline has their own special rules and the time to find out your crate is two inches too big, or there is no approved water dish inside of it, is NOT when you are ready to board the plane.  We recommend visiting the website of the airline you’ve selected to make SURE you’re compliant.

Now, it’s time to think about your pet as an individual.  Is he anxious when he travels?  Plan ahead and check out the calming products we have here at B&B Pet Stop (click here for our post on CALMING a pet.)

ARCHIE-IDDoes he have food allergies? Be sure to pack some of your pet’s regular food and treats.

Is there a favorite toy he can’t live without?  Put that toy in his traveling crate.

Lastly, hope for the best and prepare for the worst. In this situation, that means ensuring your pet’s ID tag is fresh and easy to read (we engrave them here – both sides for $6.99)  Or consider having your pet micro-chipped (a small chip is inserted under the skin.  Vets and shelters nationwide can scan the chip and find the owner on a database.)
We hope you have a terrific holiday season, either here at home or on the road.  Please subscribe to this blog so you won’t miss anything; we’re working on a post about holiday foods that can be dangerous for pets, so stay tuned!


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