Pet Projects of B&B Pet Stop

Reptile Extravaganza Show and Sale Event

February 21, 2015

This weekend we’re hosting the first Reptile Extravaganza Show and Sale of the year – we have 2 more scheduled; the end of June and mid-September.  We used to do this a lot, but with the renovation last year, our special event schedule went out the window. Here’s why we like to host reptile shows: … Continue reading Reptile Extravaganza Show and Sale Event

Grand Re-Opening madness

February 12, 2015

It seems fitting to me that our first real blog post should be about our grand re-opening. It’s not that we ever closed – though there were some scary days this December when it was nearly impossible to get into our parking lot and inevitably there was a dump truck blocking our front door – … Continue reading Grand Re-Opening madness