October 2015 – DIY Baths sponsored by NUTRO ROTATIONS

October 6, 2015
B&B Pet Stop in Mobile, Alabama.
The Bubble Lounge has 3 waist-high, stainless steel tubs with ramps to make it EASY to bathe your pet. We provide shampoo, towels, dryers, and all the hot water you need. Best of all – WE CLEAN UP!











This month our “Bubble Lounge” (our pet name for the DIY Bath area) is sponsored by, NUTRO ROTATIONS DOG FOOD.

While supplies last – and we have plenty!! – every time you buy a DIY bath, you’ll get THREE free samples of NUTRO ROTATIONS DOG FOOD.  (one sample bag of each recipe)

B&B Pet Stop in Mobile, Alabama
Come see us about all the good reasons to mix up your dog’s protein sources from time to time.

“Mix Up their Menu, Not Their Stomach.”

Variety isn’t only the spice of your life, but your dog’s too. NUTRO ROTATIONS dog food, an exciting new way to add some variety to your dog’s diet, lets you confidently switch from one recipe to another with no transition between bags- it’s that easy.

Three formulas to rotate:  Lamb + Potato, Chicken + Brown Rice, and Salmon + Barley.