Keni Thomas – SuperZoo 2015 keynote speaker

July 21, 2015



Keni Thomas – of Black Hawk Down fame – talked to us about leadership at every level.  Very cool.  Fascinated by his description of what exactly happened that day in Mogadishu, Somalia.

As the keynote speaker opening SuperZoo 2015 pet industry trade show, he brings it all back to our store level:  do the hard work of having high standards,  do the hard work of training so everyone knows exactly what they are supposed to do in every situation and will do it because that’s what you trained them to do, have a plan (and a back up plan), create a world where everyone has to take care of each other (no man left behind), and ALWAYS setting the example for others to follow – even if you’re not in charge of anyone.  Don’t ‘step out of the fight’ because then you’ll leave someone hanging and you don’t leave your buddies hanging.  This is stuff that applies to every single one of us in every single job out there.

This guy has tons of energy and is a superior story teller.  EXCELLENT way to start #SuperZoo2015.

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