NEW PRODUCT: Top Entry Litter Box

March 12, 2015
NEW PRODUCT for cats:  top entry litter box
Does your dog “snack” in the kitty litter box? Check out our NEW PRODUCT: a top entry litter box

I have a friend with a boxer and a cat.  Naturally, she fed the cat a very high quality food – which sadly, the boxer found irresistible and would “snack” in the litter box.  She wasn’t even sneaky about it and would come up to my friend with a muzzle full of kitty litter!  Too bad we didn’t have this new product yet:  the top entry litter box.

This deep litter box has a hinged lid (for easy cleaning) and perforations – which allows any litter sticking to your cat’s paws to drop back into the box.  (Litter tracking throughout the house is the number 1 complaint cat owners have.)  This litter box also has a little hook on it so you can hang your litter scoop up out of the way.

Stay tuned – now that we’re back from the Global Pet Expo,  we’ll have all kinds of new stuff coming in!

Thanks for keeping it local!

Sally Trufant,
General Manager


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