Hamster & Gerbil Races on APRIL 18th

March 19, 2015
Hamster and Gerbil Races on April 18TH at NOON
Don’t miss the world famous Hamster & Gerbil Races on April 18th at B&B Pet Stop

(don’t miss the TRAINING TIPS at the end of this post!)

Hamster & Gerbil Races to benefit
the Mobile County Public Schools

Each year we set up our specially designed 16-foot racetrack and invites kids of all ages to test the speed and agility of their pet hamsters and gerbils at the WORLD FAMOUS Hamster & Gerbil Races at B&B Pet Stop in Mobile, Alabama.  The registration fees ($5 per pet in advance, $8 per pet on RACE DAY) will   benefit the Mobile County Public Schools.

On race day – April 18, 2015  –  as many as five hamsters or gerbils, secure inside their plastic balls, race each other as the crowd cheers them on. The track has ridges between the lanes, so the pets don’t cross paths.  The first one to cross the finish line wins the heat. There will be as many heats as are necessary and heat winners race in the semi-finals; the fastest pets make it to the finals.  Hagen, the company who makes all the very cool Living World and OVO small pet habitats, has once again donated  GREAT prizes for the winners!

Plastic balls for the hamsters & gerbils to race in may be purchased at B&B Pet Stop or brought from home.  We recommend getting a ball as soon as possible so you can get your hamster in shape for the races!

Practice runs at 11:30


Sally Trufant,
General Manager

*****   TRAINING TIPS   *****   TRAINING TIPS   *****

Is your small pet in shape?  

There’s still plenty of time to gear up for the WORLD FAMOUS B&B Pet Stop Hamster & Gerbil Races.  Here’s a training schedule for the weeks leading up to the races on April 18, 2015.

Note:  If you don’t have a ball yet, you’re going to need to get one.  Just to be on the safe side, ALWAYS supervise your hamster or gerbil in the ball.

March 16 – March 22, 2015 – Getting started

Start THIS week with a little running time in the ball. If your pet is not used to running around in the ball, limit the exercise to 10-15 minutes at a time.  When you return your pet to his cage, make SURE the water bottle is clean and full.  Train every other day, so your pet can slowly build his strength.

STAY TUNED for MORE weekly training tips!

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