It’s fun when BILL is excited about a new fish!

June 23, 2015

Honestly, it really doesn’t take much for Bill Trufant to get excited about a new fish.

Even though he’s been keeping fish for about 45 years (and in the fish biz for about 44 years!), it’s still fun for all of us when he does.  Today he walked into the office holding a plastic cup with a little fish in it and said, “It’s very rare for me to bring in a new fish that we have never carried before!”

So I grabbed my camera and snapped a photo of this little treasure:

new fish at B&B Pet Stop in Mobile, Alabama
Behold! A Shadow Catfish from Sumatra

Behold the small, but lovable SHADOW CATFISH from Sumatra.  

Less than 2 inches long at maturity, these little fish are extremely peaceful and make an excellent addition to any community tank.

Visit our Freshwater Department soon to see what all the excitement is about.    Just $5.99 each.

While you’re at it – bring in a sample of your aquarium water and we’ll be happy to test it for FREE.  Even if you test your water at home, it doesn’t hurt to bring in a sample and let us confirm your results.  Good water quality is the key to keeping a happy and healthy tank and we WANT you to be successful.

This is just a quickie blog post – I’m working on a longer one with some photos of a snake that was eaten up by his dinner, a live rat.  I’ll have that one posted soon – in time for our Reptile Extravaganza Show + Sale this weekend.  Check out our Facebook EVENT for more details.

Thanks everyone –
Sally Adams Trufant, General Manager

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