The Daylilies are here!

April 30, 2015
daylilies at B&B Pet Stop
Here’s just one of the daylilies available at B&B Pet Stop. This one blooms in late April. When you buy them throughout the season, you’ll have blooms throughout the season!
come see the yellow daylilies at B&B Pet Stop
Bright yellow daylily at B&B Pet Stop. The blooms last just one day, but there are usually several more just waiting to pop open!

Did you know Bill grows daylilies?

He’s been a fan since his grandmother gave him a clump of daylilies when he was a kid.  Then, a few years after he moved to Mobile he bought a house off of Dauphin Island Parkway – RIGHT DOWN THE BLOCK from Mr. Herbert Casey, a well-known and enthusiastic daylily grower.  Bill became friends with Mr. Casey and his wife Louise and spent many, many hours down there learning about daylilies.  Fast-forward to today:  Bill grows over 650 different varieties of daylilies and sells them through the B&B Pet Stop website AND here at the store.

Here’s why everyone CAN and SHOULD have daylilies in their yard:

1.  They’re easy.  Just plant them where they’ll get some sun and water them from time to time and they will BLOOM for a few weeks EVERY YEAR.

2.  It’s a cinch to have color in your yard ALL SUMMER long.  Since each week Bill brings in the ones that are currently blooming, all you have to do is come to B&B Pet Stop every couple of weeks and buy a few.  Then next year when they bloom, the ones you bought in late April will bloom again in late April.  The ones you bought in early May will bloom again in early May – and on and on.

3.  They multiply.  When you buy a pot of daylilies, they often have several plants in the pot.  You can gently separate them and spread them out – or plant the whole clump – but each plant will usually turn into two plants by next year and you can spread them out more.

4. Daylilies make people happy.  You can’t help but smile when you see these gorgeous lilies blooming their little hearts out.  Especially since they are generally inexpensive (We sell them $5 each or 3 for $12 – though on the website Bill has some varieties that are more rare and cost a bit more), so it’s easy to have lots of different colors.

5.  Daylilies are happy in Mobile.  Sometimes you buy blooming plants from a big box plant nursery and they shrivel and die.  Not daylilies, they LOVE the heat and humidity of Mobile; they THRIVE here!  The good news is, daylilies are happy in lots of places.  We have an Aunt who lives in New Jersey and her daylilies are often buried under snow, but they cheerfully pop up the next summer and continue to bloom.

If you’re not convinced – just click on the DAYLILIES FOR SALE button on our website.  You will be thrilled by the extraordinary colors and varieties available.  If you see something you like, just click on it and place an order – Bill will dig them up and bring them to the store for pick up. (Click on the “purchase order” option if you’re local and want to pick them up at B&B Pet stop – that way you don’t get charged freight.)

Want to see some AMAZING daylilies up close + personal?  

The Mobile Daylily Club will have a show at Bel Air Mall on May 16th from 9 – 5.  As incredible as the pictures are online; you won’t believe how beautiful they are live.

One last thing – though each bloom lasts just one day, there’s usually another few waiting to pop open so one plant can bloom for over a week!  And it gets better:  there are many varieties of daylilies that are “re-bloomers” meaning that once they are finished blooming the first time they bloom again a couple of weeks later!

I’ll keep posting pictures of what’s blooming every week on our Facebook page – so keep up with us there, or just stop by the store. (

As always – everyone here at B&B Pet Stop THANKS YOU for keeping it local and shopping at our store.  We couldn’t do it without you!

Sally Adams Trufant,
General Manager + daylily lover.

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