Fish Department

From aquariums and filters to food and decorations, we have ALL the supplies you need to keep a healthy freshwater or saltwater aquarium.

We carry these fine brands of food for fish: Aqueon, Continuum Aquatics, Fluval Bug Bites, Hikari, Ocean Nutrition, San Francisco Bay Brand, Seachem, Sera, Sustainable Aquatics, Tetra, ZooMed

Freshwater & Ponds

From goldfish to tetras to cichlids, we have hundreds of species of freshwater fish for sell, as well as plants and invertebrates. They’re displayed in 16 state-of-the-art 260 gallon acrylic systems – over 4000 gallons! The water in our systems continuously passes through ultra-violet sterilizers for the highest water quality and healthiest fish available.

We also have three 135 gallon display tanks. The first features African Cichilds. We have many of these same fish for sale. The second display tank is a tropical community tank. We have packed it full of live plants to show how the Europeans do it. Americans usually prefer a lot more fish in their tank! The last display tank features South American and Central American Cichlids. Many adult cichlids look surprisingly different from their younger counterparts, so we like to show our customers what those juveniles will look like in a few months or years!



B&B Pet Stop sells clownfish, tangs, angelfish, starfish, corals, anemones, and much more.

We display our saltwater fish and invertebrates in state-of-the-art systems!
Two 260-gallon and six 175-gallon acrylic systems, a 450 gallon system that houses our beautiful live corals, a 170 gallon live rock tank and our amazing 240 gallon reef display tank. (Most people don’t realize that many of the fish and corals in this reef tank are over 20 years old!)
Altogether, we have over 2400 gallons in this one department.
The water in our systems continuously passes through ultra-violet sterilizers and protein skimmers for the highest water quality and healthiest livestock.
Our coral system is one of our most visited areas. The system contains 450 gallons of water and is lit by Fluval 3.0 Marine LED fixtures. Wow, the corals are so happy here!
The filtration is done by a refugium which is so full of caulerpa algae that we occasionally harvest it and feed it to our resident tangs and angelfish! Of course, we also have protein skimmers running on this system, too!

We usually have hundreds of individual coral colonies and frags available for sale.

Visit often! We get weekly shipments (sometimes even twice a week) from all over the world.

Need a water change?

We have Reverse Osmosis water available for sale.  Simply put, R/O water is water that has been stripped of all nutrients.  Our water goes through five filter stages.  First is the particulate stage that filters out solids.  Second is the carbon stage that filters out chemicals.   Third is the water softener which removes calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. Fourth is the R/O unit which forces water through a permeable membrane.   The fifth and final stage is a de-ionizing chamber where the water comes in contact with a special resin that removes pretty much whatever is left.  Our R/O water is really very close to just a bunch of hydrogen and oxygen.
Why is this better?  Tap water usually contains impurities such as phosphates and silicates which are food for different types of algae, chlorine that kills just about everything, and depending on its source, all kinds of other things that you just don’t want to have to deal with in your aquarium. We offer R/O water two ways, regular and with salt.  Because it’s so pure, we do not recommend R/O water for use in freshwater aquariums except as “top-off water” (water added back to a tank due to evaporation).  A product such as Continuum’s Reconstitute RO can be added to R/O water so it can be used with freshwater fish.   This product contains the necessary electrolytes and nutrients needed by freshwater fish.  We use Instant Ocean Reef Crystals in our salt R/O water.  This mix adds back all that your saltwater fish and reef aquariums need, in the correct concentrations.  Come by for a fill-up today!