Friends Helping Friends“Friends Helping Friends” Program FAQ

Who is eligible to schedule a “Friends Helping Friends” Event?

Only LOCAL non-profit organizations helping LOCAL people may apply for participation.

How do I schedule a “Friends Helping Friends” event?

Fill out the form online and B&B Pet Stop General Manager, Sally Trufant, will contact you to confirm the date of your event.

How far in advance do I need to schedule my “Friends Helping Friends” event?

Please plan your “Friends Helping Friends” event a minimum of 3 weeks in advance. Upon receipt of the application, B&B Pet Stop requires 5 to 7 business days for processing. To ensure maximum results for your “Friends Helping Friends” event, we encourage organizations to handout their event-specific flyers two weeks leading up to the event.

How often can my group schedule a “Friends Helping Friends” event?

We will allow groups to schedule “Friends Helping Friends” events up to 4 times per year (once per quarter).

Will other organizations be able to hold a “Friends Helping Friends” event on the same day as mine?

Yes.  Since each organization promotes the event to their own friends and supporters, there should not be any problem hosting more than one group per day.

How do I get the word out about my “Friends Helping Friends” event?

B&B Pet Stop will create an event-specific flyer for your event. This flyer will be emailed directly to you. Your organization is responsible for all print, email, and distribution-related procedures and expenses. Distribution of a minimum of 700 to 1,000 flyers per event is recommended and 10% – 15% return is expected. We recommend several channels of distribution, including: handing out printed flyers at group functions, emailing PDF copies to your organization’s members and supporters, contacting local media outlets, and using communication via your  organization’s social media channels (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Am I allowed to hand out flyers at the door as people walk in?

No. Organizations are not permitted to solicit supporters while on the premises.

Can I use a coupon when participating in a “Friends Helping Friends” event?

Sure!  Coupons, sales, and Monthly Super Specials are all part of our day-in, day-out efforts to help our customers get the best values in pets and pet supplies.

How much of the sales will be donated back to the organization?

15% of the net sales from guests who bring in (or present on a device)  a “Friends Helping Friends” event-specific flyer will be donated back to the organization.  Guests MUST present an event-specific flyer at the register.  Verbal notification will not result in a donation.

How long does it take for organizations to receive the donation from a “Friends Helping Friends” event?

B&B Pet Stop requires 30 days from the date of a “Friends Helping Friends” event for checks to be processed and mailed.

For more information…..

Contact Sally Trufant, General Manager:  [email protected]     251-661-3474